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April 2016: A lot has happened since my last movie review in 2015. I obtained my MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction from the New School and took advantage of free foreign language classes as part of the program. Now I can read French with greater ease but my listening comprehension and speaking remain atrocious. I spent a good part of the fall reviewing films as I was one of the lucky few selected for the SAG nominating committee this year. And I put in another twelve months honing my first novel, which I also worked on as my Masters thesis (along with a critical paper on the unreliable narrator in the novels of Philip Roth!) I’m very pleased with the result. The oeuvre has taken on an original shape I never imagined a simple coming-of-age tale could achieve with the addition of a metafictional framing device as my protagonist tells her story. And now I wait on responses to my agent submissions.

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